vegan vital

M. Babb

This bottle contains 120 capsule, which at 2-a-day gives two months’ supply. That’s not too bad for about £8.

The capsules are easy to swallow and have a slight smell but no taste. There’s not a comprehensive list of ingredients, for example no vitamin C. I can only assume it’s because these target the vitamins and minerals vegans are more likely to be deficient in. If you’re eating a balanced vegan diet these will certainly be all you need, bar any additional protein.

turmeric curcumin


I have been buying prowise products for quite a few years and using them on a regular basis for me and my other family members. I have bought turmeric as i was already consuming turmeric with black pepper but this new one has ginger which is most welcome as i have done some research and ginger works really well with turmeric and black pepper.

I do get my joints stiff and struggle especially when winter is approaching so thought will give it a try and i can honestly says it’s only been a week and i am feeling much better especially when i like to walk everyday despite weather is not favorable

Would continue to take as it seems to be natural pain killer and must say quite effective

Jude Faulkner

This is the best curcumin you can buy in my opinion, and i have done a lot of research. This is my second order now.
It helps with inflammation, ( i have colon issues, arthritis, and it helps control my blood pressure. Liquid is much better than powder.

Jennifer Green

I find these tablets good. U cannot see a huge difference unless u know really well your body. It reduced my “orange skin” in my legs really well. I also noticed my skin in my face changing the pigments, due to the sun and creams in the summer I got an orange colour(not from tan) so I noticed my skin looking healthier. Also, I had marks in my face from acne and I noticed the changed. I like them. I don’t recommend u taking them in the day. The pills say for u to take them at night or with no food. I tried one day in the morning cause I knew I wasn’t going to eat until 5h after, but I felt really sick after that, so I never did it again. I also drinked plenty of natural juice and I was taking other vitamins. I stopped for 2 weeks and I still see the results. My hair is also much more healthy too.

Vitamin D3 4000IU High Strength

Susan Taylor

I am deficient in vitamin D. If I don’t take vitamin D, my bones hurt. In general, most brands do this trick, but it also helps my cognitive function and bad mood. I thought it was vegan and didn’t have bad ingredients. I will buy it again. Good for the respiratory immune system. This is an excellent product I’m very happy with it, definitely recommend it.

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