Julie Smith

My husband has suffered with gout on and off for a few years. He tried these capsules a couple of years ago and has been taking them daily as recommended since then (2 a day). For some reason he decided to cut the dose to one a day and he had a flare up 🙁 Back to two a day and the gout has gone. They certainly work for him.

Jennifer Green

I broke my wrist and had my cast removed 4 weeks ago my wrist and hand was so swollen and stiff with e lot of pain, I started taking these tablets a week after the cast was removed, what a difference the swelling reduced the pain went and I started to use my hand to knit I recommend these tablets they really work

Mandy Andrews

I took collagen tablets and I could see a little difference in my skin. It looks a little bright than before. I also started caring for my skin tropically like exfoliating and moisturizing and could see that my skin looks a bit toned than before. Not sure weather it’s only because of collagen tablets or anything else, but would definitely like to buy more if the price goes down…..thanks

Susan Wright

Well this is a first for me. I am currently following a Ketogenic diet for few months now and have lost more then 20lbs but then stalled for about 3weeks I bought these Prowise Raspberry ketones  to restart my weight loss. I have been drinking lot of water with healthy diet and have started seeing good results. I would recommend this capsules to anyone who is seriously looking to loose weight which includes protein diet

Susan Taylor

I have been taking turmeric capsules with black pepper from another supplier but there was still hint of joint pain and wanted to use better version of turmeric as i wanted to avoid pain killers and nasty paracetamol which has cause side effects. New liqcaps was more appealing to me due to product claims of 185 times more bioavailable. I have pain in my toe throughout whole year but in winter it gets worst and was looking for permanent solution rather then temporary pain killers which has cause me stomach upset.

Jude Faulkner

I already rate this product as after two days I can feel it working to help clear my airways and thin mucus etc…I read lots online about it and so far i think it is a great supplement for bronchitic chest…

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