Vitamin K2 MK-7 100mcg 120 Capsules | Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans | Made In UK

Vitamin K2 MK-7 100mcg 120

Vitamin K2 MK-7 100mcg 120 Capsules | Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans | Made In UK

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Key Features

    • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
    • Supports healthy memory function.
    • Maintains blood sugar levels already in the normal range.

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Prowise Vitamin K2 MK-7 provides premium quality and easy to swallow daily vitamin K supplements.

Vitamin K is renowned for its role in the synthesis of a number of blood coagulation factors. More recently, however, Vitamin K2 and its dependent proteins have been shown to be of vital importance for bone and vascular health.

MK-7 (Menaquinone-7) contains a highly biologically active form of Vitamin K2 derived from natto, a traditional Japanese fermented soyfood. MK-7 is an enhanced bioactive form of vitamin K2 and is ten times more efficiently absorbed than K1 from spinach. While vitamin K1 is primarily absorbed by the liver, MK-7 is absorbed in extrahepatic tissues, such as the arterial wall, pancreas, and testes.

Prowise Vitamin K2 MK-7 Capsules are manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice. Only the finest quality raw materials in their highest and purest form are used.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Vitamin K2 MK7 Benefits:

  • Helps you maintain strong bones and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Provides calcium path “key” from your bloodstream into your bones and helps regulate calcification of your tissues.
  • Supports healthy memory function.
  • Maintains blood sugar levels already in the normal range.
Weight 88 g


Nutritional Information

Active Ingredients

Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7 from Natto 100 mcg (125% RDA); Vitamin C (from Ascorbyl Palmitate) 2 mg (3% RDA).


Take one capsule daily with a meal. Best taken in the evening.

No added

Salt, Starch, Wheat, Maize, Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, Dairy, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Genetically Modified Organisms.

Other Ingredients

HPMC Vegetarian Capsule, Rice flour, Silicon Dioxide.

9 reviews for Vitamin K2 MK-7 100mcg 120 Capsules | Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans | Made In UK

  1. Geoff

    Outstanding !!! Researched extensively to find alternative to prescribed to improve done strength/density and overall energy. Have been taking the Vitamins K2 for nearly 2 weeks now and i have noticed a enormous difference. My bones no longer ache (although have also increased calcium intake to enhance the efficacy of these capsules) and i have more energy and sleeping better. Tried various alternatives and having read the mechanism of action of these easy to take capsules – MAGIC!!! there is a clear therapeutic benefit with absolutely no adverse reactions.

  2. Nicky

    I love vitamin K2 and Prowise Healthcare always provide great products. Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin, which helps to prevent the calcification of the arteries by interacting with calcium regulation proteins in the bones, sparing calcium ions from being deposited into the arteries.

  3. Masquerade

    I searched for high-potency vitamin k2 (MK-7) and finally found it. As I am taking vitamin D3, for its best absorption I need 100 to 200 mcg of vitamin K2 per 1000 IU, according to the latest research. It’s good for me. Capsules are easy to swallow. It is of very good quality and price. I recommend it. Thank you Prowise Healhcare! I’ll buy again soon.

  4. T.R.

    Wow the price of these vitamins for a year is amazing! I really am impressed. I take a LOT of vitamins for my chronic illness and the price can be a bit steep. It is nice to find a value product at such a quality. I have now bought several other products from this brand.

  5. ursula knabe

    Great service

  6. Steve

    On Time and very good

  7. Massimo Dell’Agata

    Very good product. The benefits are really obvious since I take these tablets. I definitely recommend it.

  8. Shab

    As with all supplements it is difficult to quantify whether they work, and to what degree they played a role in any change. The Solgar brand, however, appears to be reliable.

  9. Amanda Borris

    Great product. I love that the pills are not huge. I feel great and they have really helped me a lot.

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