Vitamin D3 4000iu + K2 MK7 25µg I Orange Liquid Drops I High Strength 4000iu D3 + 25µg K2- 30ml Bottle

Vitamin D3 4000iu + K2 MK7 25µg

Vitamin D3 4000iu + K2 MK7 25µg I Orange Liquid Drops I High Strength 4000iu D3 + 25µg K2- 30ml Bottle

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Purchase this product now and earn 10 - 25 Points!


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  • EASY TO TAKE VITAMIN D & K2 DROPS – Two essential vitamins in liquid format. Each serving (4 drops) contains a potent combination of vitamin D3 (4000 IU) and vitamin K2 (25mcg). This 30ml bottle contains 300 servings, approximately 10 month supply no need to keep reordering. Other added benefits of drops can be added in water or added into your favorite food (No need to consume separately).
  • WHY BUY PROWISE D34000 IU & Vitamin K2 100ug Orange Drops? – Vitamin D3 & K2 work really well with each other. As both Vitamins are natural partners while Vitamin D helps with a boosted immune system and overall better health, added Vitamin K which actually works to boost the absorption of Vitamin D in the body for better results.
  • HEALTHY BONES, TEETH, IMMUNE SYSTEM & MUSCLE FUNCTIONS – Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, as well as the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Vitamin K contributes to bone health and normal blood clotting. In a drop form, vitamins are suspended in a healthy fat (MCT) for better absorption compared to tablets and capsules.
  • ADDED HEALTH BENEFITS – Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 are commonly known for contributing to calcium uptake as well as supporting cardiovascular health and blood circulation.
  • WHO WE ARE? – We were established in 2015 with the aim of recognizing the market wanted nutritional supplement of the highest quality. Our products are backed by Scientific research, specific health needs, and to maintain Optimum Health. We’ve reached more than millions of happy customers across the world. All of our products are made & certified in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP, BRC).

Product description

Why Choose Prowise VitaminD3+K2 Drops – 

Pure Vitamin D Formula with Vitamin K2 for better Absorption.

Maintenance of Normal Muscle Function.

Max Strength Vitamin D 4000IU.

Support For Bones & Immune System.

10 Months Supply (300 Drops).


Weight 60 g

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 3


Nutritional Information

Active Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Antioxidant: Alpha Tocopherol), Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7, Sunflower oil), Natural orange flavoring.


Shake well before use. Take 1-4 drops once daily. Either place in your mouth directly or add to a drink of water. Do not exceed the stated dose.

16 reviews for Vitamin D3 4000iu + K2 MK7 25µg I Orange Liquid Drops I High Strength 4000iu D3 + 25µg K2- 30ml Bottle

  1. Alessandra

    I am very happy, I have gastritis problems and some supplements are causing problems for me, but I have no problems with this product. The dosage of vitamins D3 and K2 are optimal.

  2. Kath

    I’ve just received these in excellent time from the supplier. Well packaged and good information on the box.

  3. Anya

    After doing some research, my husband had suggested to me that Vitamin D3 might help with my thin, brittle hair and fingernails.

  4. Attomic

    This is a really great vitamin D3 supplement with the added benefit of K2 which is becoming more widely known as important for bone health and also decalcifying blood vessels (calcification is a cause of heart disease).

    This little 30ml bottle contains an impressive 10 month supply of 4000IU D3 and 25ug K2 (MK7). The bottle labelling contains all the necessary information and warnings about consulting your health professional before taking any food supplement. The shelf life on the bottle I received is over two years which is great. The product is manufactured in the UK, to GMP standards, is suitable for vegetarians, and the bottle is glass so is recyclable. The drops are orange flavour and very pleasant to take (4 a day for the suggested dosage).

    At the current Prime price of £9.99, I think this is excellent value!

  5. Wombat14

    Very satisfied with this pure quality vitamin D3 and K2, with amazing bioavailable ingredients from natural sources. This is probably the best vitamin D supplement out there. I highly recommend.

  6. Tom

    A good supplement prefers plenty of fluids over tablets or capsules used daily during night work. I’m not sure about its absorption, but I definitely feel better taking it, whether it’s a placebo or not.

  7. R Prain

    I saw the difference in my body after drinking it. This makes me feel better.

  8. Gary Quigley

    Does the job. Easy to swallow. Good flavor.


    Delivered on time, excellent value

  10. Kate

    This is a great product that is worth the money. It arrived on time and in good condition. It’s easy to pick up and doesn’t taste bad.

  11. J. Ward

    There are 3 basic ways to take vitamin supplements… as a solid tablet, or as a capsule, or as a liquid. The problem with solid tablets is that the manufacturers put lots of artificial chemical additives in with the vitamin supplement, such as… Bulking Agents (Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose) Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate), Ethyl Cellulose, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, Hydroxypropyl-cellulose & Polyvinyl-polypyrrolidone, Hydroxypropylmethyl-cellulose, Polyethylene Glycol, Ethylcellulose, Propylene Glycol, Silica). Silica is sand !!! What on earth are they putting sand in for? The soft-gel capsule form usually has a gelatine outer shell which is often made from bovine (beef cattle) sources. That definitely puts vegans and vegetarians off, as well as being more difficult to swallow. Prowise uses the liquid form which is clearly the purest and most natural way, free from all these nasty additives and preservatives.

    Other manufacturers generally put a preservative in their vitamin supplement products. Some of these preservatives are really dangerous, eg: phenol, glycol, etc. In this Prowise product there is only one preservative… Vitamin E, otherwise known as Alpha Tocopherol, which has beneficial antioxidant properties. That is very clever, you use another vitamin as the preservative for the main Vitamin D3. It is not the actual Vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol, which needs preserving to stop it putrefying, it is the carrier oil, eg sunflower oil, which eventually may go rancid. But, the label on the Prowise bottle says it has a long shelf-life and will remain good for at least 2 ½ years, so the vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol is acting as an effective natural preservative, and you need nothing else, except to keep the bottle in a dark place out of direct sunlight.

    One thing I do not like is Prowise’s use of abbreviations. Looks like Prowise are trying hard to look impressive with some fairly obscure abbreviations, which most people will not know what they mean? GMP means Good Manufacturing Practice. BRC could mean fifty different things, including meeting the British Retail Consortium standards, or the Biomedical Research Centre standards etc. Hopefully it is the latter… but Prowise needs to be more open and tell us what they actually mean and how they have passed the standards.

    The 4000 International Units(IU) high strength is definitely the best strength to use. The NHS recommended strength of 400 IU per day is now regarded as far too low to do much good. It depends how much sunlight you expose your skin to, since the skin naturally manufactures some vitamin D3 itself. Taking Vitamin D3 and K2 together seems to be a good idea, especially in the present Covid-19 times, since both are essential for one’s immune system to function properly, as well as having a lot of other medical benefits.

    Putting the supplement onto ones food means you cannot readily taste it, so I tried putting a few drops directly on my tongue and was surprised… I couldn’t detect much orange flavour, but I could taste the sunflower oil. It has a fairly mild neutral taste. Overall, I think this is a good product, offered at a bargain price, and in future I will always buy vitamin D3 +K2 in liquid drop form, since the benefits are outstanding.

  12. Wascar

    Doctor recommended I take this while taking chemo and radiation therapy on my throat and I guess it’s doing the job it’s hard to tell

  13. Zitto Toni

    Arrived quickly and am pleased with the product

  14. Anna Dolidze

    This is a good product that is well worth the money. It arrived on time and in good condition. It’s easy to pick up and it doesn’t taste bad.

  15. Anna C.

    Big! Every morning I use 4 drops in my glass of water. It works really well – the texture is bland but smooth and oily which is easy to swallow.

  16. Kate

    This is a great product at a good value. It arrived on time and in good condition. It’s easy to pick up and it doesn’t taste bad.

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