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Was very surprised to realize my season allergy is very mild this year and then realized the only difference was I took this product. Tired it with other allergic family members and symptoms got much better as well! Really pleased.

First time I ordered anything like this online, normally I go to Holland & Barrett, I was unsure at first, but it’s cheaper, with alot better range/variety & much more efficient buying it here! With details, photos, & info given with the product I took the chance & I’m more than happy with my purchase & will buy from seller again & recommend them to others

I have been taking Prowise Rosehip from few days to my surprise I have seen massive difference in my knees as I suffer with Arthritis. The pain and stiffness has been reduced dramatically I am very happy as I have tried earlier Rosehip from few other brand but none of them has been so effective.

Highly Recommended… Fast & letter box friendly Delivery.. Will Definitely come back to buy some more 🙂

I can’t believe it! This is the best raspberry complex fat burning supplement I’ve ever taken!
It gives off an unpredictable amount of energy and strength as well as power in the gym which allows me to train/push even harder through my workout, therefore leading to quicker muscle growth!
As this Improves performance and increases POWER and STRENGTH I’ve seen an increase in muscle mass, strength and stamina, all in under a month! I can lift more weight too, so I’m able to experience the next level strength & muscle mass gains, Whilst being able to focus more and being energized during training.

Customer service: amazing. They reply back super quickly if you have any issues, and are very kind and understanding.

I purchased this product because i had gout in my toe on and off for approximately four weeks. I took anti inflammatory’s which gave me some pain relief, so i thought i’d try something different.

I received the tablets when the inflammation was at it’s worst. I took the recommended dose not expecting ‘instant’ results. I actually felt relief after about four hours, and almost full relief after a few hours after the second dose on the following day.

I have continued with the medication daily which has, in my opinion, helped control the build up of crystals in my toe joint. I would recommend this product.

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